Business Law

The firm handles a wide range of business and transactional matters for small family-owned businesses and large closely held and publicly owned corporations in areas as diverse as timber, paper manufacturing, franchises, professional corporations, and real estate. We provide assistance in planning, organizing and forming corporations, limited liability companies and other business entities. We also assist our clients in negotiating contracts and in the sale and dissolution of their businesses.

Commercial Real Estate

Our real estate practice includes representing clients in commercial real property transactions and development projects. We represent numerous real estate developers in our area and routinely negotiate, draft, and interpret various documents associated with the acquisition, development, leasing, and sale of commercial properties.

Estate, Guardianship and Trust Administration

We work with personal representatives and fiduciaries in probate, estate, guardianship and trust administration. We help guide executors, administrators, trustees and guardians through the entire estate administration and settlement process. This guidance includes assisting our clients by

  • Probating wills
  • Qualifying executors, administrators, trustees and guardians
  • Collecting information to properly administer the estate
  • Preparing estate accountings
  • Assembling information for income tax returns
  • Preparing estate tax returns
  • Assembling information for payment of debts and expenses of the estate
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

Municipal Law

We represent the Town of Weldon and Roanoke Rapids Housing Authority and advise both on a variety of legal matters concerning these local government entities. We also represent clients before other local governmental bodies on matters including annexation, subdivision issues, permitting, zoning and ad valorem tax matters.

Residential Real Estate

We represent our existing clients with various legal issues involving residential real estate. We provide services in various areas, including

  • Preparation and review of Offer to Purchase and Contract Agreements
  • Preparation and review of closing documents
  • Title examinations and obtaining title
  • Preparation and review of Lease Agreements
  • Real estate closing services
  • Foreclosures
  • Deed preparation

Wills and Estate Planning

We represent clients in planning for the efficient transfer and preservation of their assets. We work with our clients in the preparation of wills, powers of attorney (financial and health care), living wills, and living trusts (revocable and irrevocable).


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